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Post-Op Follow Up

Gastric Bypass and Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

ONE WEEK POSTOP: All patients will go home with a small drain and collection bag extending from their abdomen. This is called a Jackson-Pratt or JP drain. The drain is settled just behind your new pouch. The reason it is there is to be a first indication in case of leak. We have you drink Sugar-Free purple Kool-Aid while in this first week. If you see purple coming into the collection bag, we know that there is a problem. Studies have shown that if a leak were to occur, it would be in the first two days following surgery or on day seven. After this time has passed, you will come to the clinic for your first postoperative visit to remove the drain.

TWO - THREE WEEKS POSTOP: At this time, you will be weighed and assessed for your readiness to move to the next stage (stage IV) of your diet. All complaints will be addressed at this time. If patients are having difficulty with any part of their transition, be it diet or "funny" side effects, they will be addressed during this visit.

3 MONTH POSTOP: Patients are again assessed as to their dietary status. Weight is checked and we evaluate each patient according to the amount of food and especially, the amount of protein and fluids, that they are able to take in daily. Comprehensive lab work will be ordered and reviewed with patient to determine if additional suppliments is necessary to correct any deficiency.

Lap Band

TWO WEEK POSTOP: All patients return to the clinic at two weeks after surgery to evaluate diet progress and wound healing. The band will remain unfilled at this time.

FOUR WEEKS POSTOP: Patients will return to the clinic to evaluate readiness for their first fill of the band. If weight loss is satisfactory (1/2 pound per week or more), the band will remain unfilled. If weight loss is unsatisfactory, the first fill will occur at this visit.

ONCE MONTHLY VISIT: Once a month, patients will return to the clinic for weighins. At this time if weight loss is noted to be less than 1/2 pound per week, patient will be scheduled for another fill of the band. This will continue until optimal rate of weight loss is achieved.

Long Term follow up for both procedures

AT TWO, THREE, FOUR AND FIVE MONTHS: Standard check-up and weight check.

SIX MONTHS: Check-up, weight check, dietary status check, complete set of labs. We will evaluate all patients at this time to check their nutritional status by way of drawing a set of complete lab tests. If the patient is lacking in any area, their diet and medications will be adjusted accordingly.

ONE, TWO YEARS: Similar to the six month check-up, patients will have status checks as well as complete labs with adjustments made for any low values. After this time, the patient can return to the care of their general practitioner for monitoring of health. However, they will always be able to consult with the surgeon and other healthcare associates of the Obesity Surgery Center for the rest of their lives.
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