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Insurance Carriers

Obesity Surgery Center of Louisiana accepts ALL types of insurance. Approval by your insurance company is based on MEDICAL NECESSITY. This term means that you can show that is it medically necessary for you to have this type of procedure in order to improve your health. Basics for approval of bariatric surgery by any carrier may require:

  1. Letter of support/clearance from your family physician as well as any physician treating you for obesity related health conditions (Cardiologist, Pulmonologist, Orthopedic, etc).
  2. Chart notes indicating morbid obesity and health conditions / medications.
  3. Chart notes indicating weight loss attempts that were supervised by your physician.
  4. Psychological evaluation.
  5. Nutrition/Dietician evaluation.

Prior to your consultation you may call your insurance provider for a specific list of requirements or our office can call during your consultation appointment.
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