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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: How many procedures has Dr. Chung performed?

We have performed over 2000 procedures in Lake Charles in addition to 15 procedures in Boston during training.

Q: Do we offer financing?

Unfortunately we do not offer in house financing.  We recommend contacting your local bank or credit union for loan options.  Each of the three entities, Hospital, Surgeon/Assistant and Anesthesia will require all fees to be paid day prior to surgery. 

Q: Where does Dr. Chung operate?

Dr. Chung does all of his bariatric surgeries at Lake Area Medical Center.  Located at 4100 Nelson Rd.  Lake Charles, LA  70605.

Q: Does Dr. Chung perform surgeries other than for weight loss?

Yes.  Dr. Chung is a general surgeon specializing in Bariatric Surgery.  Dr. Chung keeps up to date in the many changes in minimally invasive surgical techniques.  Dr. Chung sustains his practice on a large volume of general surgery.  Also Dr. Chung routinely performs minimally invasive Gastric Reflux surgery, including TIF and Nissen Fundiplication.  

Q: Does Dr. Chung perform revisions for patients who have undergone previous weight loss surgery?

Yes.  Dr. Chung can perform revisional surgeries for patients who are having problems with a previous weight loss surgery.  Keep in mind that risks increase when having additional surgeries.  Patients should bring all records relating to the previous surgery including the operative report.  Dr. Chung will review records and discuss with the patient if the gains outweigh the risks with an additional surgery.  Insurance approval can be very difficult with these situations.

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