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Lap Band Surgery

The Lap Band System uses an adjustable silicone ring that is surgically inserted and placed like a belt around the upper part of the stomach.  The ring-or band- is connected by thin tubing to an access port just below the skin.  Through this port, your surgeon adjusts the fit of the Lap-Band system by inflating or deflating its inner lining with saline solution to meet your individual needs.  The Lap-Band System reduces your stomach capacity and restricts the amount of food you're able to eat at one time. 

  • Performed laparoscopically, using five small incisions in the abdomen as opposed to the traditional open method of one large incision.
  • Recommended for patients with less severe obesity, typically only 60-150 pounds over ideal weight.
  • Average weight loss has been shown to be approximately 36% of excess body weight at 2-3 years, possibly exceeding 50% over 5 years pending on the compliance of the patient.
  • Uses technique of obesity surgery restriction: By placing a band around the upper portion of the stomach, the patient will not be able to consume large amounts of food at one sitting. There are no changes in the type of food that can be consumed, however each meal must be chewed thoroughly to pass through the band's restriction.
  • If weight gain is due to poor metabolism (Syndrome X, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), etc, then the Lap Band will not address these issues.  Lap Band is a portion control devices, and its most suitable for patients who chronically overeat resulting in weight gain.
  • This procedure is ideal for those who have significant self control and understanding that they must still follow a very strict regimented diet. It has been shown that despite the amount of restriction of the band, patients can still consume high calorie liquids such as shakes and malts that simply run through the restricted opening. This allows the patient to consume enough calories to prevent adequate weight loss. As the patient finds that solid foods can cause discomfort, this becomes an easy way to feel full without the discomfort, thus defeating the effectiveness of the band. Thus, if the patient is not dedicated to restricting his/her diet, weight can actually be maintained or increased with the band.

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