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Laparoscopic Banded Greater Curvature Plication

Laparoscopic Banded Greater Curvature Plication involves two procedures:

Procedure 1: Greater Curvature Plication

Greater Curvature Plication is a purely restrictive procedure and involves no component of malabsorption, as seen in other Weight Loss Surgery types. Please refer to the following diagram to visualize the steps of the procedure:

  • The greater curvature of the stomach is separated from the greater omentum.
  • At least two rows of stitches are placed laparoscopically about the greater curvature of the stomach starting at or near the angle of His and ending in the antrum.
  • The stomach is reduced to a small, tubular structure, approximately ¼ the size of the original structure, very much like the sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) except there is no resection of the stomach.

Prodecure 2: Lap Band

  • A silicone band is placed around the upper portion of the stomach near the esophagus.  Several sutures are placed to hold maintain the position of the band.  The gastric pouch measures only about 1-2 ounces but is not separated from the remainder of the stomach.
  • The band is left deflated, meaning zero saline is added to the band until at least 6 month later.
  • The added benefit from the plication is that there is an added security to ensure further weight loss by providing more restriction once weight loss stalls from the plication.

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