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Patient: Melissa

Procedure: Gastric Bypass  1/18/10

Patient attributes success to:
I think my success has come from sticking close to the basics.  I eat a lot of meat, cheese, nuts, greek yogurt, protein bars, and drink protein    
shakes. Sometimes I feel like I need more variety but don’t feel like spending my time in the kitchen. I used to love cooking and baking but now
I’ve learned to not think of food as something I have to have. I just eat what I need and try to make sure it’s protein and stay out of the kitche. My husband has also been a big help wanting to eat healthy.  We do a lot of grilling meat and vegetables for meals.

I’m definitely happy with my results from surgery. So far I have lost 85lbs and went from a size 20 to an 8. I have much more energy and a lot more confidence. I don’t huff and puff to put my shoes on anymore, YEAH!!!!



Patient: Joelyn & Rhonda

Joelyn - Lap Band  7/1/08

Pt attributes success to: “I think the support groups are so important! I haven’t missed one since surgery.”  “My daughter-in-law had the Gastric Bypass soon after my surgery and we help each other out.”

Comment: “I started with the seminar in March of 2005 then hurricane Rita hit.  I live in Hackberry and had a lot to occupy my mind but the surgery was never far away. I read up on it and found all I could online to better educate myself.  I finally decided to have the Lap Band and have never regretted it.  My age which is 64 was one of the reasons I selected the less invasive surgery.”

Rhonda - Gastric Bypass 8/21/08

Pt attributes success to: “Support groups, Dr. Chung , and family support.  Support groups help to pinpoint potential diet pitfalls.”

Comment: “I think support groups are very important.  I do not always eat the best and support group helps to put me back on track.  Dr. Chung is more like a friend than my Doctor.”



Patient: Tammy

I had a severe addiction to food. I still do. I had this surgery in an effort to take food away from me, to a certain extent, so that it wouldn't eventually kill me. What happened instead was something very different. I am still able to eat all the foods I love. I still have a wonderful enjoyment of cooking AND eating. I don't have time to “miss” eating, because I eat more often than I ever did before! The difference is, I can only eat very small amounts. I can live with that! This surgery has been such a blessing to me, and I must credit the surgery itself as the first success. The personal part, is that I learned how to listen to MY body, and give it what it needs. I've learned that what works for some people, doesn't work for others. In my case, I seem to have broken all the “rules”, and I still managed to lose more than I had planned, faster than I had expected, and not only is it staying off, but there are days that I have to struggle to NOT lose any more. I LOVE MY SLEEVE!!!!!!


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